Funktional Community is premium outdoor training for all walks of life, designed to be fun and bring people together.
— Evaldo Roshan, founder and personal trainer



 Join a diverse group of people for premium outdoor training in Surry Hills. Become a part of the Community!


Lunchtime training at your office or a park close-by. Enjoy team-bonding exercises and a healthy office culture.



One-on-one training with Evaldo, tailored specifically to your needs. Fast-track your fitness goals and enjoy the results.

I’m 15kgs lighter, loving my new life and still wanting to keep up my 3 sessions per week. Ev has made me want to wake up and train, he has created a community within his clients and I’m so lucky to be a part of it.
— Diana Argirellis

EvΒ΄s skill, determination and heart will take you to a place you had never thought you could go and all the fun you could have. I will follow him anywhere he may go.

I stood before him at close to 130 kilos at 21 and I am here today at 86kg at 24 and finally living my life.
— Sam Dengate